Rabu, April 26, 2017

when people judge you negatively

Sometimes, I don't understand why they judge me negatively even I never spoke negative word to them. I never say "anjing, mati gw, mati lo, monyet lo, etc..". I tried my best not to say such things. Well, I just a human, I didn't realize what I have did and I also have hurt feeling. I am not perfect nor I am not that bad. Maybe I need to reflect my act before complaint. Should I change my behavior?
I am smiling and laughing, doesn't mean I am okay. I just don't know how to react.

I am not bad person nor that stupid. Please don't make me down with all those words. Or it just my feeling? I think I just need a break and go to holiday.

Will you notice if I change to quite person? I don't have anyone again. I tried my best but they don't care. I hate this situation, being lonely person.

Feeling blue

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I am an ordinary person who try the best in my life, try to cheer up others and make comes true my wishes. You can easily to recognize me from my curly hair and the glasses. Addicted with traveling and try something new. Careless and moody are the negative side of me so I am so sorry if one day i make a mistake because of that :( I have a motto "be a positive person to make a positive life" Enjoy your life gurls... Cheerss